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Expertise in employment law

at the highest level

expertise in employment law

at the highest level


As in every relationship, the one between employer and employee has its ups and downs at times too. This may lead to a dispute which…


Obviously, you can simply download a standard employment contract from the internet. However, it is unlikely to be entirely compatible with…


Van Hall Advocaten Arbeidsrecht advises partnerships and other types of professional collaborations as well as their (future) members…


Van Hall Advocaten Arbeidsrecht has expertise in employment law at the highest level. We apply it pragmatically and purposefully. We answer your questions quickly and use clear language. Our clients appreciate our involvement and personal approach, and our fees are reasonable.
Our clients are medium-sized and large (international) businesses and organisations, many of whom we have been advising for many years, and for whom we negotiate and litigate. We have a proven track record and are proud of the relationships, many long-standing, we enjoy with our clients.

If you have a problem related to employment law, please contact us. Because in many employment-related cases, such as instant dismissal or a sick or under-performing employee, there is much more to be won than you may initially think. We can also advise on employment law related matters regarding mergers and acquisitions, and matters in relation to employee co-determination. Finally, do not hesitate to contact us immediately should one of your most loyal employees, with access to all your confidential commercial information, move to a competitor.

Of course we also gladly assist employees!

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