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Van Hall Advocaten Arbeidsrecht was established as a response to an increasingly prominent market trend: clients expecting high-quality service and a pragmatic way of work at a reasonable fee. Both partners at Van Hall Advocaten Arbeidsrecht have trained at major firms and have many years of experience in the legal profession.

We aim to be a source of reference for boards of directors, HR managers, and company lawyers. That, in itself, isn’t remarkable. However, what is special is how we operate: we think from our clients’ perspective. Also, partially due to the usage of digital know-how systems, our knowledge is always up to date. In addition, we are creative by nature. All of this combined makes us both innovative and proactive.

A healthy and enjoyable relationship with our clients is vital. Personal involvement, clarity, a critical attitude and honesty are not only crucial to this purpose, but also the basis for our clients’ trust in us.

Next, Van Hall Advocaten Arbeidsrecht is also the initiator and founder of international network Innangard. Innangard is an alliance between prominent employment law firms across the globe, who collaborate in international and cross-border employment law and HR cases. The firms share the same values and conduct of work, offering professional and specialised advise of the highest quality, whilst striving for the best legal and commercial result for their clients. Consequently, we can also assist in cross-border cases.

In other words, Van Hall Advocaten Arbeidsrecht isn’t an ordinary law firm. Our characteristics are:

  • top-level knowledge of employment law
  • a pragmatic and decisive approach
  • prompt replies to your questions
  • clear language
  • involvement
  • an extensive network with comparable firms abroad
  • socially acceptable and clear rates

Our firm charges reasonable and socially acceptable rates for the services we provide. We are open to suggestions related to our charges, for instance, a fixed price, or an arrangement such as ‘no cure, less fee’. At Van Hall Advocaten Arbeidsrecht lower rates do in no way impact the quality of our services. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated ourselves – efficiently, swiftly, and at a fee commensurate with the service provided.

Corporate social responsibility in the legal profession
Corporate Social Responsibility also applies to the legal profession. Van Hall Advocaten Arbeidsrecht has been putting this into practice for years. There is more to doing business than making a profit. We consider the interests of all parties involved, naturally putting those of our clients first. However, if we believe this is favourable to the case at hand, we do not hesitate to indicate the interests of opposing parties to our client. Also, we regularly advise organisations representing social and cultural interests, always at reduced rates. We would be pleased to inform you of the various possibilities.

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